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Utilizing advanced CAD software, we initiate the process by capturing a detailed scan of your mouth, seamlessly integrating it into the digital realm. The software precisely orchestrates the placement of the dental implant on the computer. Subsequently, a meticulously crafted template is generated by the computer, offering a precise guide for the physical implantation. This innovative approach allows us to conduct the intricate planning digitally, ensuring a high level of accuracy.

The culmination of this digital precision translates seamlessly into the physical procedure. Employing the refined template, we delicately position it within your mouth, leveraging it as a guiding tool for the implant's exact placement. The notable advantage of this methodology lies in its capacity to streamline the process, delivering not only precision but also a more comfortable and expedited experience for you.

Dental Implant Process

While dental implants are a viable option for most patients, case selection is very important in determining the long term success of the implants and the restorations. Dr. Rubin will conduct a comprehensive examination and determine whether the edentulous sites would be acceptable for implant placement. It is often necessary to take radiographs or 3-D scans to determine the density and the thickness of the implant site. In cases where bone density, thickness or height are inadequate, it is generally possible to augment bone levels by doing a procedure known as a bone graft. Bone grafts allow Dr. Rubin to thicken the bone and increase the level of bone at the implant site. After a period of healing, grafted sites generally serve as excellent implant sites.

Dental implants are the next best thing to having your missing teeth back. They are permanent restorations which do not need to be removed, they feel and function like natural teeth and they can restore the beautiful smile that you always wished for.

dental implant
4 implant smile

4-Implant Smile

With fewer implants and shorter treatment times, the 4-Implant Smile offers an attractive, stable, and long-lasting implant-based solution to patients who have lost all their upper and/or lower teeth.

Unlike removable dentures, this treatment method does not rely on messy dental adhesives or natural suction to hold your new set of teeth in place. Instead, your replacement teeth are secured in place by four strategically placed dental implants, giving you a smile that looks not only great but also feels strong and stable. With your brand-new set of teeth, you’ll feel comfortable and confident eating your favorite foods, speaking with others, and enjoying your smile. 

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